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Celebrating #Dropbox10: 10 ways to tell you’re a superfan


Published on May 08, 2017

Since the company’s founding day in 2007, we’ve been honored to see the Dropbox community develop, grow, and thrive. To celebrate, we’re putting together a series of posts looking back at an exciting—and often surprising—decade. Join us as we reminisce, share a few stories, and reflect on how the industry has changed. If there’s one thing we’ve always appreciated about Dropbox users, it’s your passion. Some of you, though, take it to the next level. Think you’re a dyed-in-the-wool, with-us-from-the-beginning Dropbox superfan? Here are ten ways to tell:

  1. You remember having to sign in at getdropbox.com
  2. You squealed with delight when your company got Dropbox Business
  3. You have two-step verification enabled (have we mentioned how important that is?)
  4. Your list of linked apps requires a bit of scrolling to get through
  5. You’ve giggled giddily watching LAN sync kick transmission speed through the roof
  6. You found all seven easter eggs in Dropbox Paper
  7. You’ve made the list of weekly top kudoed members on our community
  8. You found that “oh shoot” easter egg long, long ago
  9. You installed Dropbox on your Xbox
  10. You finished Dropquest—without cheating
An illustration of our logo from the early days