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Battle of the Bands


Published on March 16, 2009

After last month's post about Drew, we got an interesting comment:

Hey guys... we love your work and follow the blog (over here at Mozy). We spotted your Rock Band affinity and all we could think of was this:


Mozy hereby challenges you to a Rock Band Playoff, battle of the bands, best man is the last man standing. Email me if you accept:

tom [at] mozy.com

And yes, we're totally serious.

One thing led to another, and this Thursday (3/19) Mozy will be sending out their "dream team" (lol) to compete against us in a Rock Band Battle Royale.  If you'd like to witness this spectacle and cheer on the Dropboxers, we'll be streaming it live Thursday night at 7 PM PST from Justin.tv headquarters (more details to come).  Wish us luck! In other news, we're looking for those of you with artistic talent to redesign our Leopard-style tray icon for the Mac clients of Dropbox — but no need to worry, anyone can participate!  The winner gets an extra 50GB of space.  To learn more, head here.