Photo of BLXST at TheBasement Series by @iamfritzyg
Photo of BLXST at TheBasement Series (Photo by @iamfritzyg)

Dropbox for musicians

How rising musicians from TheBasement Series use Dropbox to collaborate


Published on October 18, 2019

We’re constantly inspired by entrepreneurs who use Dropbox to do their best work.

That’s why we’ve been partnering with creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners in a range of industries—music, film, fashion, art, design, and more. We want to support their creative process as they explore the intersection between culture and technology.

In May, we launched our Brand Ambassador Program to spotlight an exceptional few who use their passion and creativity in service of a mission that makes cultural impact. UK-based fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner is a perfect example. Grace was named our first Ambassador because of her unique vision and expert ability to use Dropbox to collaborate with her team and create something completely original. 

Last year, we learned how music executive Ericka J. Coulter and her team at TheBasement Series have been creating one of the most buzzed-about scenes in Los Angeles—and using Dropbox to accept submissions from new artists to perform at TheBasement Series.  

She’s creating a series of cultural moments and helping talented musicians get a start in the business.

Ericka J. Coulter and BLXST (Photo by @amanda.ton)

“We really admire the work that Ericka has been doing,” says Liz Armistead, Head of Brand Partnerships at Dropbox. “She’s building a brand and creating a series of cultural moments in her limited spare time and helping really talented musicians get a start in the business. She’s so driven. She’s really an inspiration.”

Liz says she felt there was great synergy between the goals of the Brand Ambassador Program and what Ericka Coulter and TheBasement Series stands for: giving unsigned artists the opportunity to be heard and providing the support they need to navigate the music industry successfully.

Today, we’re introducing a new series showcasing the work of emerging artists discovered by TheBasement Series. Follow @thebasement_la on Instagram to check out the video series called #MyDropbox. Our first video features BLXST, a writer/producer whose first solo release, “Who Would’ve Thought” hit over one million streams on Spotify as an independent, unsigned artist. 

“It is very rare when you come across new artists like BLXST, who are well rounded with the full package,” says Coulter. “From writing and producing all of his music, he has a vision and a clear message that he wants the world to hear. It’s only a matter of time until his moment comes, and I’m buoyant that TheBasement Series will be a part of introducing the next up-and-coming superstar to the world. As we shift into 2020, we will continue to shape and mold how stories are told through music and technology. Stay tuned as we’re just getting started!”

TheBasement Series is our third Brand Ambassador. We invited them to join our community of Ambassadors because of their unique vision and expert ability to use Dropbox to collaborate with their team and create something completely original. To discover more about the next wave of new artists coming from TheBasement Series, follow @TheBasement_LA