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Digg day 2 year anniversary! Win 500MB and a t-shirt!


Published on March 17, 2010

Hey guys,

This week in March has a very special meaning for us here at the Dropbox Team. It's the two-year anniversary of Digg Day, where we first announced Dropbox to the public and caught the eye of tens of thousands of people.

Things were a bit different back then -- our team was only four instead of the 25 we are today. Dropbox headquarters weren't located at an office either. We all worked out of a tiny, stinky two room apartment.

One time, I woke up at 6AM to the sound of Arash's iPhone going berserk with notifications that our servers were down. I vividly remember Drew and Arash scrambling to their computers in their boxers, frantically debugging the outage while half-asleep. At one point, Arash facepalmed and exclaimed "How the **** are we going to scale this for ten thousand more users??"

Fast foward 2 years and several million users. Dropbox is performing extremely well, and our growth shows no sign of slowing down. We're super flattered to have so many passionate users who stand behind us and are patient for the features we release. While we meet new users every day who help spread Dropbox, we like to think that Digg Day played a huge part in setting a pace for Dropbox that continues today.

We'd like to ask you to help us celebrate. We want to put together a video that commemorates YOU, our Dropbox users. Here's how you can help us out:

Send in a short video (less than 20 seconds) of yourself saying one sentence about Dropbox. To thank you, we'll give you a 500MB upgrade to your Dropbox. We encourage you to use your native language, and feel free to be creative! The team's favorites will receive a free (Limited Edition) Psychobox t-shirt. We'll be taking in submissions for all of March.