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Resolutions (Part 2)! (and t-shirt winners too!)


Published on January 25, 2010

Okay, okay. So I know that 2010 is already 1/12th over, but that doesn't mean it's too late to make our traditional Resolutions post. I should mention that lots of new stuff happened in 2009 including (but def. not limited to) a new web redesign, two client releases, an iPhone app, and several million users too!

On that note, here are the team's resolutions for 2010:

Drew I will seek rehab for my Starbucks addiction.

Arash I resolve to get my life together. Again.

Aston Play in a band (Didn't I say that in 2009?)

Jon I resolve to finally make the Dropbox store a reality.

Rajiv I resolve to become Justin Kan.

Rian My New Year's res is to harness as much dark energy as I can in my quest to become the most powerful being in the galaxy.

Mike H I resolve to collect all 14 Chaos Emeralds and make selective sync the new hotness on all your Dropboxes.

Albert I resolve to eat at Tartine, Ike's, San Tung, Wonderful Foods, Shalimar and Farolito... all in one day. That, and come up with more ways to reward our users for being awesome.

Trevor I resolve to not let Drew force me into Starcraft games at the office, and to revamp the photo galleries into a work of art.

Michael I will expand Dropbox's east coast operations to never before seen levels.

Will I resolve to release some crazy new features for the iPhone app, and to begin poking my head around some other undisclosed projects.. coughANDROIDAPPcough

Paul Eat more bacon, start going to the gym, find better ways to test my code.

Andrea My 2010 resolution is to learn to sail :)

Teresa Exercise more, eat less meat, get to work earlier. FUN.

David I resolve to learn to sing all 3 parts for harmony in Beatles Rock Band. Something about xattr support too :)

Zed I resolve to code. That is all.

Ross ...?

Kevin Chu I resolve all dissonant chords to consonance.

So, what are all your resolutions? Also, I'm pleased to announce the winners of our limited edition Psychobox t-shirts:

Vidar L.

Stephanie T.

David D.

Michael B.

Neil K.

Davin S.

Frederic T.


George B.

Tami A.

Congrats to these (edit: 10) lucky folks and thanks to everyone for entering! If you missed out this time, don't worry. We'll be having plenty more giveaways in the future. Furthermore, I'll try and get some shirts and stickers out for sale in the next few months-- it's my resolution anyway :)

Happy 2010!