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Dropquest 2012: The results are in!


Published on July 02, 2012

Hey everyone!

A couple weeks ago we wrapped up our second annual Dropquest, and we're happy to announce the results! Dropquest was a magical scavenger hunt (through space and time?) that sent our users across Dropbox and the internet to win 1 GB of space and a shot at some amazing prizes.

All in all, around half a million people participated in Dropquest, of which 157,000 braved every obstacle to complete it. Special congrats go to Nathan F for beasting through every puzzle and placing first in Dropquest with a time of 4 hours and 40 minutes!! Nathan, your sleuthing will go down in the annals of Dropquest history for all eternity! Congratulations to all our other finishers too, who scored prizes ranging from Dropbox t-shirts and hoodies to more Dropbox space. You guys can expect your prizes within 4-6 weeks!

So we think the first Dropquest went pretty awesome, but there were a few things we wanted to spruce up this time around. We're really impressed by all of you who stepped up and figured out how to turn flags into music, how to spell messages by touring San Francisco, or how to move a knight around our about page.

You guys are wicked smart! We've got a few ideas for next year's Dropquest. First, we're thinking of running two different Dropquests with different sets of prizes and rules -- we'll host one for people who just want to spend a Saturday sleuthing through some fun puzzles, and we'll host another one for you masochists out there willing to get your hands dirty with maths and rocket science. Next, we'll also try to facilitate groups working together. Dropbox is all about sharing and working together, so it only makes sense that Dropquest would be the same way too :).

How about you guys? Any suggestions or comments? Let us know what ideas you have for next year's Quest. Interested in writing next year's quest? Consider working at Dropbox!

Thanks for all of you who showed up this year. Dropquest is a blast to make, and we made it just for you guys.

Check out a gallery of some Questers adventures!