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Published on January 05, 2009

Ahh New Year's. A great time to make promises that you'll probably never fulfill. But hey, it's the thought that counts anyway. Here are the team's resolutions for 2009 — some Dropbox-related, some not, but we'll put a little extra effort in following through with the ones that are ...we promise! Drew My resolution is to start up my 90s rock cover band again and/or play more music. Arash I resolve to get my life together. Aston I resolve to play less fake drums (on Rock Band) and play more real drums (in a real band?). Jon My resolution is not to do anything I wouldn't do. Namely, everything. Rajiv My resolution is not to die while I learn how to ride a motorcycle. Rian I resolve to make a musical career out of singing hate songs about Jon. Mike I resolve to make the clients faster. Albert Come up with ways to reward Dropbox users for spreading the word, and to assemble the still-boxed furniture still sitting in my living room. Trevor Make the Dropbox website more standards compliant and accessible to help meet the needs of users with disabilities, and to lead Dropbox to its first ever startup kickball tournament victory. Michael Get our new user walkthroughs setup and perfected and do whatever I can to further Dropbox's global domination. So, what are all your resolutions? Happy 2009!