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Meet the ground team telling the next wave of space stories


Published on July 16, 2019

On July 20, 1969, the world had its eyes and ears on something beyond our world.

As humans took our first steps on the moon, our perspective as a species changed. Perhaps just as amazingly, we were all doing the exact same thing at the exact same time—glued to our television or radio sets.

It’s moments like these that make space exploration so enthralling. Since 1969 there have been countless groundbreaking discoveries. But can you remember how or when you learned of recent events from space? Even though our means for mass, real-time communication have undoubtedly improved in the last 50 years, somehow these moments have felt more disjointed and less exciting.

Supercluster is trying to change that. It’s a storytelling platform—brought to life by creative agency GrandArmy, film and television studio A24, and a network of journalists, designers, artists, and engineers—serving as a creative, engaging, and credible hub for all things space.

“Our mission is simple: Inspire wonder, awe, and adventure, through the telling of humanity’s greatest story. Supercluster is your best friend in outer space,” says Supercluster Chief of Content, Robin Seemangal.

The team stitches all this content together by collaborating in Dropbox. Supercluster’s cadre of space enthusiasts is spread all around the world (it’s still within Earth, right, no big deal), needing to move articles, podcasts, and videos from initial research to final placement on the site. 

Image from Supercluster website

Seemangal says Dropbox has been a critical tool in driving the platform’s content production. “From producing the Supercluster Podcast to planning our trips to Cape Canaveral, Dropbox is essential in getting the job done.”

To learn more about Supercluster and Dropbox, visit here.

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