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Dropbox + Rock Band =


Published on August 07, 2009

Hey Dropboxers!

While we have many traditions and unique habits over here at Dropbox HQ (building your own desk and computer as a rite of passage, weekly treks to our favorite restaurant Shalimar, and blasting 'The Final Countdown' when posting new builds of Dropbox, to name a few), none are as defined or hardcore as our passion for the video game Rock Band.

Having a team that was mostly born in the 80s means having a group of kids who grew up latched onto video games; but the team has developed a special affinity for plastic instruments.  In between our long coding sessions (by the way, LAN Sync beta is now available on the forums!), the team likes to sit back and jam to the likes of Dream Theater and Megadeth.

This isn't a game that just a few people play in the office, it's a game that every employee plays, and our specially outfitted Rock Band war room is equipped with pretty much every plastic instrument in existence (Not shown are the 6 other guitars and 2 broken drum sets):

While the Dbox 'Dream Team' hasn't really practiced much together since our Mozy showdown in March, we're fully prepared to take on any of you out there who think you're sporting sufficient chops to take on Dropbox.  Just give us a holler ;).  Rajiv and I also play ranked matches on drums and guitar respectively.

You can look us up as 'DropTheBox' on XBox Live :).