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Published on January 25, 2011


Hey everyone!

Over the past week and a half, Dropbox has played host to a special adventure called Dropquest. Dropquest was a magical scavenger hunt that sent our users across Dropbox and the interwebs in order to win 1GB of space and a shot at several amazing prizes.

Dropquest started out innocently enough, with step 1 asking people to complete a division problem. What ensued from there were cryptic messages sending people to look for hidden clues on the blog, sudokus, and anagrams of famous people. All in all, over 200,000 people have participated in Dropquest, of which 130,000 have braved every obstacle to complete it. Special congrats go to Veronica N and Evonne N for working together as a team and being the first two winners of Dropquest! You can find the chronicles of their Dropquest escapades below :) Congratulations to the other first finishers too, who all scored prizes ranging from Dropbox t-shirts and hoodies to more Dropbox space.

This being our first Dropquest, we wanted it to be a trial run for equally impressive events down the line. We've learned a lot of lessons as a result... First of all, Dropquest pointed to the forums and blog several times, and this resulted in a ridiculous amount of traffic to the server that both were housed on. This caused a lot of errors for some people, and we're sorry if this hindered your Dropquest progress! We also didn't expect there to be so much colluding for answers (not necessarily a bad thing!), and we'll probably make Dropquest a little tougher to game next time. Lastly, we won't make any steps that require a printer... we love trees! We promise!

All in all, we're extremely surprised by how successful Dropquest went, and it's all thanks to you! Since this test run went so well, you can bet that we'll have more Dropquests in the future. Since I'll have 6 months to plan instead of 3 days, plan for the next one to be legendary :). A few days ago, I asked you all to send me pictures of your notes, desks and cranes from your Dropquest adventure.

Read Veronica and Evonne's (the first 2 winners) epic Dropquest timeline

Anyway, I wanted to take this chance to let you know that if you haven't completed Dropquest yet, we're closing down Dropquest tonight at 12AM PST, (26/1, 8:00 AM GMT), so get to questing! Thanks again, see you next Dropquest!