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One giant leap for student-kind


Published on December 11, 2012

Hey Space Racers!

Over the last eight weeks, millions of students from over 6,000 schools (and 100 countries!) strapped on their space boots and hustled in the greatest race for space the world has ever seen (since the actual space race).

We’ve heard of all sorts of exciting cosmonaut campaigns to get more space, like the billboarding efforts of these TU Delft students from a galaxy far, far away (the Netherlands).

And no matter your place on the leaderboard (congrats National University of Singapore!), every Space Racer made off with an astronomical haul of spacey goodness. 


Over the course of two months, we've dished out a bajillion gigabytes (or something) of free space. That's enough for gobs of group projects, presentations, and final essays—hooray!

So venture forth, earthlings! Fire up your spaceship and go do something cosmic—there’s a whole universe of space to explore.