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Celebrating #Dropbox10: 10 things we don't miss about working in 2007


Published on May 10, 2017

Since the company’s founding day in 2007, we’ve been honored to see the Dropbox community develop, grow, and thrive. To celebrate, we’re putting together a series of posts looking back at an exciting—and often surprising—decade. Join us as we reminisce, share a few stories, and reflect on how the industry has changed.

While we sometimes miss the crazy scramble of Dropbox’s early days, there’s a lot more we’re happy to have left behind. Here are 10 things we remember about how the world worked in 2007 (that we don’t miss today).

1. We’d drive to the office just to check email

2. Wading through a pile of voicemails was an evening ritual

3. Everything had to be printed

4. Every other webpage had a long, unskippable intro animation

5. Simple questions would regularly become 10-minute phone calls

6. We’d crowd eight people around a single conference phone so one person could “dial in”

7. Forgetting to sync a new album to your iPod could ruin the whole morning commute

8. We printed out MapQuest directions to get to business lunches

9. All whiteboard notes had to be copied by hand

10. Typing an “s” on our phones meant hitting the 7 key four times