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The Official Dropbox Guide To Getting More Space!


Published on November 21, 2011

We get asked a lot how to get more space in your Dropbox, and we realized that we’ve never put an official guide together. So here it is! When people start using Dropbox, they start small but often need more and more space over time. We’ve created a bunch of free ways to get more space, but also make it simple to get loads of space really fast. Take A Tour For people new to Dropbox, there are a few things you should try out first -- we want you to install Dropbox on a bunch of computers, use our sharing features, and more. We’ve put together a list of tasks to get started; and when you finish this quest, you’ll get an extra 250MB free. Tell Your Friends A while back, we noticed that most of our growth was from word of mouth: people that love Dropbox tell their friends. We’ve built a way to invite your friends to Dropbox that gives you both extra space (250MB for free)! We’ve made it really easy to email your friends from your address book and post to Twitter or Facebook. We’ve also given you a link to put anywhere on the web. The more people you invite, the more space you get! Be A Student The first lines of Dropbox were written back when our cofounder Drew Houston had just graduated from school but forgot his USB key on a bus ride. To commemorate our victory over USB keys, and to make the lives of students even easier, students with a valid school email address get a whopping 500MB for each person they invite to Dropbox. All you need to do is confirm that you're a student. Have Fun We’ve done a bunch of fun challenges and quests where the prize was more space. In January, we had our first DropQuest, which was a scavenger hunt across our site. It was a race to the finish to get some really special prizes, and every person that finished also got a bonus. Last October, Reddit stole our logo, so to say thanks we made a post where the top commenter got a 100GB boost to their Dropbox. We’ve made a fun little quest to make your Dropbox a little more social. A while back when we made an announcement on twitter, we gave a random re-tweeter 100GB to get the word out. We do this stuff all the time! The best way to keep up with the games is to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. One More Thing If you ever need even more space, you can always subscribe to Dropbox Pro, available in 50GB or 100GB. Furthermore, referrals double to 500MB (1GB for students) per person you invite! But if you need even more than 100GB, or if you run your own business; you should check out Dropbox for Teams, which is designed specifically for educators, non-profits, and businesses. Hopefully this gave you a good idea of how to get even more space for your Dropbox! Happy Dropboxing! Ohh, and just for good measure, we’ll pick someone who retweets our tweet about this post and give them a 100GB bonus!