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Join us for Nicer Tuesdays: Insights from today’s most creative minds


Published on January 29, 2018

Dropbox is all about celebrating creative energy. That’s why we’re always delighted to work with the passionate champions of creativity who bring you It's Nice That.

We had so much fun collaborating with them on The Dream Team, we’ve decided to partner again for Nicer Tuesdays. Nicer Tuesdays offers an opportunity to hear the stories behind the most-inspiring projects being produced in the world.

Each month, the event brings together speakers from a broad scope of disciplines and gives them the chance to tell their story in a short, punchy presentation.

Each talk allows the personality behind the work to shine. Nicer Tuesdays can be poignant, irreverent, controversial, funny—but it’s always passionate.

And the impact is palpable. With an audience of over 400 creatives hanging on every word, there’s a great energy at each event. Whether it’s one of the most revered names in the creative industry, or an emerging talent at the outset of their career, each speaker is given equal billing and the same amount of time on stage.

"We hope that everyone leaves engaged, enthused and inspired,” says Owen Pritchard, Editor of It’s Nice That. “We take great pride in drawing together a large number of people with similar interests each month. Then, for those who weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket or get to the event, or want to relive the talk, we film them and share them on It’s Nice That.

Our mission at It’s Nice That is to champion creativity in all its forms and bring it to the broadest possible audience.  Nicer Tuesdays is a chance to bring active members of London’s design community together and celebrate great ideas and people who realise them.” It’s Nice That also will be introducing a monthly collaborative poster series to showcase a pair of top creatives working together within our collaborative workspace, Dropbox Paper.

These dynamic duos will be creating an A3 poster that visitors can take home for free. Stay tuned for a monthly dose of inspiring insights as we go behind the scenes with the speakers.

Follow #nicertuesdays on your favorite social media channels—and if you happen to be in London the last Tuesday of any month, you can attend by getting tickets here.

Put your creative energy to work, with Dropbox
Put your creative energy to work, with Dropbox