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Happy Thanksgiving!


Published on November 27, 2008

The Dropbox Team is thankful for the following things:

1.  Happy users!

2.  Rock Band

3.  2-hour long meetings that take place on a ping pong table

4.  Being able to work in a colorful city alongside other great startups and people

5.  Katana-ya, the Japanese restaurant open 'til 2AM located 3 blocks from our office

6. Lastly, we're thankful for people who are thankful for us.

So, what are all of you thankful for? All of us here at Dropbox hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of revelry and great family bonding.

And of course, have fun stuffing yourselves full of amazing food.  Just try not to exceed your quota!  ;D

Cheers, Dropbox