Published on September 06, 2011

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Hey everyone!

September is here! For some people, this means it's time to head back to school. But not to worry! Dropbox is one school supply that might make this coming semester a bit easier. Dropbox gives all school-goers double referral credit, which means 500MB per invite for all free users (and 1GB per invite for all paying users)! This includes people you've already invited too. To learn more, visit our edu info page.

Here are a few stories of how Dropbox has helped students and teachers out:

One time I was up until 2AM writing an English paper. Right as I finished, I fell asleep (without setting an alarm...). I woke up half an hour late and ran out the door. As I entered the class, I remembered my mistake of not printing out my paper! I thought I was going to fail the biggest test of the semester. Luckily, you people at Dropbox had my back. I pulled up Dropbox on my phone to show the teacher my essay, downloaded it, and printed the essay. I made a 95 thanks to Dropbox! I don't think I've ever loved any piece of software this much.

This year, my robotics team (http:// decided that we wanted to completely model our robot in CAD. We spent weeks looking around for a good file sharing and syncing method to easily share important files among members of the team. I had been using Dropbox for a while since then, and we had yet to find anything else suitable, so I brought up the idea of using it for the team. We all signed up for accounts (using my referral link, of course! :p) and started uploading files. As soon as we tried it, it just worked.
Walton High School, GA

I've been using Dropbox to organize and sync all of my law school documents, notes, and projects across my laptop, desktop, and android phone. When collaborative projects have come up, Dropbox has made the back and forth of editing our projects much more streamlined. Dropbox has already saved me once this semester, when I arrived at the law school intending to print out my paper (which was due in 10 minutes) and discovered my laptop battery was dead. No sweat, I simply logged onto the dropbox website from one of the school's public computers and printed it from there.
Kansas University

I'm having the students submit rough drafts to me via Dropbox. I'm able to quickly access their work, comment on it, and get it back to them. Why not just email? Well, I hate opening attachments. I think attachments are a thing of the past! Dropbox is the future! I'm sure you can tell that I am smitten with Dropbox. I love it so much. If I weren't already married, and if Dropbox was a person, I'd marry it! Beverly
Westfield State University

Have a great school year, everyone! Study hard!