Dropbox Campus Cup


Ready, set, go! The 2015 Campus Cup is here


Published on September 17, 2015

It’s September, which means it’s back­-to­-school season! Whether you're just about to start classes or in the middle of your school year, we want to make your life a little easier. So, we’re giving you a way to earn extra Dropbox space to manage your schoolwork and (and life in general) by participating in the 2015 Dropbox Campus Cup! The Campus Cup is a chance for students around the world to learn about Dropbox features while earning up to 25 GB of extra space for two years. Every school can win! Here’s how it works: Starting today, you and your classmates can sign up for Campus Cup, invite other students at your school to join, and use different Dropbox features to share, create, and get work done together. The more your school participates, the more space you and your classmates will receive! By participating in Campus Cup, you’ll become a Dropbox guru — working on class projects, organizing club events, and sharing job applications and resumes will be a breeze. Plus, everyone's in this together: When you and your classmates work as a team, you can watch as your university rises in the rankings, and earn some serious bragging rights against your rival school. The Campus Cup challenge begins on September 17, 2015 and ends on December 14, 2015. Get started now!