New Dropbox mobile offline folders let you work on the go.


New Dropbox mobile offline folders let you work on the go


Published on December 06, 2016

Update (February 7, 2017): The mobile offline folders feature is now available to iOS users on Dropbox Pro and Business.

Do trains that go through tunnels with no cell signal give you separation anxiety? Ever been halfway through a document review when you had to leave the office to catch a bus with no Wi-Fi? When you count on your travel time to be a productive part of your workday, being offline at the wrong time can be a frustrating interruption. So today, we’re introducing Dropbox mobile offline folders, a new premium feature that lets you keep working from your phone no matter where you are. This feature has been a top request from users, so we're excited to bring it to our Dropbox Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers. With mobile offline folders, you can tag an entire folder to have its contents automatically synced to your phone or tablet—no need to mark individual files for download. Just open Dropbox while you're connected to the internet, and the app will take care of the rest. So whether you’re on the go or off the grid, you’ll always have access to your most important info. If your job regularly takes you to remote areas, you know better than anyone that deadlines don’t wait for you to find a cell signal. Whether you work in travel, field sales, architecture, engineering or construction, mobile offline folders are great for everyone who needs to access up-to-date information when they’re out in the field. Mobile offline folders not only help minimize downtime during commutes and traveling days, they also make it easier for admins to communicate with the entire team. Now, everyone in the office and in the field can stay on the same page and know they’re working with the latest documents. To learn how to make a folder available for offline viewing, visit our Help Center. This new feature is coming to Dropbox Pro and Business users on the latest version of our Android app over the next few days. We’ll be rolling it out to iOS users early next year. Not on Dropbox Pro or Business? Upgrade today.