Meet the Dropbox Chooser: a new way to add stuff from Dropbox


Published on November 14, 2012

As you make your way around the web, you’re bound to come across 'attach', 'upload' and 'add file' buttons pretty often.  Right now, most of these only let you choose stuff from your computer, and you need to upload again if you make any changes. Lame. Enter the Dropbox Chooser: a new way for developers to let you access the photos, docs and videos in your Dropbox from any web application, and keep them updated. We recently announced that you could share from Dropbox inside Facebook Groups, and with the Dropbox Chooser, we’re making a similar feature available for other app developers. And that’s not all — starting today, you can see the Dropbox Chooser in action on Asana! We’re huge Asana fans here at Dropbox, and believe in their goal to help you get more done, so working with them to include the Dropbox Chooser in their app seemed only natural. Now, when you update an Asana task, you can attach a file from Dropbox to keep everyone up to date, while keeping all your stuff in one place!

  So go out and enjoy yourself on the interwebs! And keep an eye out for places where you can ‘add,’ ‘attach’ or ‘upload’ from Dropbox — the Chooser’s there to keep your stuff up to date and right where you need it. P.S. Developers, check out more info on the Chooser.