Dropbox Passwords coming soon for all users


Published on March 16, 2021

Update (April 30, 2021): Dropbox Passwords is now available for all users. To get started, install Passwords on your browser.

Last year, we launched Dropbox Passwords for all paid Dropbox plans to make signing in to websites and storing your passwords seamless. The Passwords app remembers your usernames and passwords on all your devices—so you don’t have to. And zero-knowledge encryption ensures only you know your passwords, not Dropbox.


We’re excited to help make the passwords experience easy for everyone, so in early April we’re rolling out Dropbox Passwords to all Dropbox users. Now, with a free Dropbox Basic plan, you can try a limited version of Passwords.

With Passwords in Dropbox Basic, you can:

  • Store your 50 most important passwords in one secure place
  • Access passwords anywhere with automatic syncing on up to three devices
  • Securely share any password with anyone (coming soon)

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