Open shared links on mobile


Open shared links in the Dropbox mobile app


Published on February 18, 2015

When your files are in Dropbox, they become a little more magical — they’re easier to view, edit, and share, and they’re with you wherever you are. But taking advantage of that magic starts with viewing and saving your files in Dropbox, so we’ve been working on making that process even easier, wherever you use Dropbox. Starting today, when you click on a Dropbox shared link from your mobile device, you can open the file or folder right in the Dropbox app — which means you get rich previews for documents and photos and an easy way to save the file or folder to your Dropbox account. If the file was already saved to your Dropbox, we’ll take you right to it in the app so you can do more with it — like move the file, rename it, or favorite it for offline access. And if it’s a Microsoft Office file like an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, you can edit the file right from the Office apps on your device. How does this work? For iOS users, clicking on a shared link will give you the option to “Open in app.” Android users can choose to always directly open files within the Dropbox app.

This update will be rolling out to all iOS and Android users over the next few days. You can download the latest version from the App Store or the Play Store.