Dropbox file requests


Easily collect photos, docs, and more with file requests


Published on June 17, 2015

Update (September 16, 2015): Introducing file request deadlines Ever wanted to collect lots of files — or maybe just a few really big ones — within a set time period? Now you can. Starting today, Dropbox Pro and Business users can add deadlines to file requests. Just pick a due date and time, and submissions will only be accepted up to that point. File request deadlines are handy for anything you need to keep on a schedule — homework assignments, business proposals, or newsletter contributions, to name a few. You can even opt to accept late submissions if you think there might be a few stragglers. We’ll put them in separate folder named “Late uploads.” To learn more about file requests and how to set deadlines, check out our Help Center.

We often hear from users that getting files from other people can be a pain. Whether it’s photos from friends or docs from colleagues, collecting files usually means fishing through a sea of email attachments. We’ve given this problem a lot of thought, and today, we have a solution: a new feature called file requests.

With file requests, gathering photos, docs, and more from a bunch of people is simple. Just send out a link, and watch the files show up in your Dropbox. Here’s what you can do with file requests:

  • Get files from anyone. Collecting bids from contractors? Anyone can send you a file, whether they have a Dropbox account or not.
  • Easily receive large files. Want to get a copy of a video from a friend’s party? Unlike email attachments, anyone can send files as large as 2 GB.
  • Organize everything in one place. Whether you're collecting from one person or one hundred, all the files you receive are organized into a single folder, available on all your devices.

A few users got to take file requests for an early test drive, and we’re thrilled to see how they’re using the new feature. Naomi, an AmeriCorps program coordinator, neatly collected weekly reports from colleagues into a folder for review. Errin, a freelance graphic designer, requested files from clients and now has them all in one place. And Craig, an IT consultant and proud father, will be pulling together vacation photos from family members as they travel this summer. Dropbox Basic and Pro users can send out file requests starting today at dropbox.com/requests. We’re bringing this feature to our business customers in the next few weeks, so check out the Dropbox for Business blog for updates. To learn more about file requests, visit our Help Center. Happy collecting!