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Furthering accessibility: KNFB Reader + Dropbox


Published on November 20, 2015

Monday was the 75th anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind, and we're marking the occasion by announcing a new integration with KNFB Reader. Using optical character recognition (OCR), KNFB Reader converts photographed text into speech, to make printed materials accessible to the blind and visually impaired. This integration is the latest step we've taken to help raise awareness of accessibility. We recently updated our iOS app with improvements geared towards visually impaired users, and this year, we joined the Teaching Accessibility coalition. We're thrilled to integrate with the KNFB Reader, an app that utilizes the best in accessibility tech, to take the next step towards this goal. Now, you can have documents scanned with KNFB Reader automatically saved to your Dropbox. You can even retrieve documents from Dropbox after they’ve been deleted from your phone or tablet. Mark A. Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind, said, “We believe that integration with Dropbox will make the app dramatically more useful by allowing for the easy storage and retrieval of scanned documents without taking up valuable space on users’ phones. We will continue working to make the KNFB Reader an indispensable app for blind people and others who cannot read print the world over.” We’re excited to help make KNFB Reader more useful for the people that rely on it every day. To learn more about KNFB Reader and its integration with Dropbox, visit their website.