Dropbox iOS 3.9 update


Get more done on the go with our latest iOS update


Published on May 05, 2015

Update (May 13, 2015): Creating docs is now available! Download the latest iOS update to try it out. 

We know the world doesn't stop just because you're away from your computer. You still need to be able to quickly find and work on your most important files — whether it's pulling up a travel itinerary, jotting down notes or ideas, or responding to a coworker who asks a question about one of your projects. In many situations, waiting until you're back at your desk just isn't an option. That's why we're excited about our latest iOS app update, rolling out today. We've added some new functionality that lets you quickly open up the files you were most recently working on, ask others for feedback, and create new files — all on your iPad or iPhone. Here's what's new:

  • Recents tab: Goodbye, static file list. The new home view for iPhones and iPads is a list of all the files you've used recently — anything you've viewed, uploaded, renamed, or edited, on that device or on dropbox.com. The files you're most likely to need on the go will always be front and center.
  • Commenting: Last week we announced the ability to add comments on files via the Dropbox website. Now you can comment on files from your iPhone or iPad — so you can gather feedback or respond to discussions even when you're on the go. To bring someone into the conversation about a file, just use the @ symbol followed by their name or email address. If someone mentions you in a comment or weighs in on a file where you're already part of the conversation, the app will automatically notify you, so you can stay in the loop and respond from anywhere.
  • Creating docs: In the next few weeks we'll be adding the ability to create Microsoft Office docs right from the Dropbox iPhone and iPad apps, so you won't have to wait until you're at your computer to start a project or write down notes. The Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file you create will be saved into whatever Dropbox folder you were in when you selected 'Create New File,' so you'll be able to access it on any of your other devices or on the web.

The best part, though, is how these features work together. For example, when you're meeting with a client to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming project, you can use the Recents tab on your iPhone or iPad to quickly pull up your last project for reference. Then you can create a Word doc to take notes as you discuss. After the meeting, you can @mention your client in a comment, so they have the notes and can add anything you've missed. Then when you get back to your desk, you can turn that Word doc into a full project plan. The same features can apply to vacation planning, apartment hunting, or whatever else Dropbox helps you do. It's all part of our mission to make your life easier, wherever you are, by giving you the tools you need to be productive. To download version 3.9 of the Dropbox iOS app, visit the App Store. We'll be posting an update here when creating docs is available too, so stay tuned!