Dropbox and Vodafone


Dropbox + Vodafone: Helping you do more on mobile


Published on February 27, 2015

With the Dropbox mobile app, your most important files and photos are always at your fingertips. Today, we’re excited to bring that experience to millions more mobile users, through our new partnership with Vodafone. Starting next month, new Dropbox users will get 25 GB of Dropbox space for a year on Vodafone’s iPhone and Android phones, and the Dropbox app will come preloaded on the majority of Vodafone’s Android phones. Vodafone will also exclusively integrate Dropbox into its new Backup+ service, to give customers an easy way to keep their mobile data safe. What does this mean for Vodafone users? You get extra space to do even more on mobile, but it can also make the process of switching over to a new phone much easier. Just save all the photos, videos, and other files on your old phone to Dropbox, and then log into the Dropbox app on your new phone. All your stuff will be there waiting for you. To learn more about this partnership, check out the Vodafone blog. We’ll also be working with Vodafone on new promotions for existing Dropbox users as well as new users, so stay tuned!