Yet another iPhone post ;)


Published on October 20, 2009

I'm not the kind of guy that likes prefacing an announcement with a wall of text, so let's cut to the chase: Big announcement: the iPhone app is now available for 3.0! Go get it Other stuff: We initially opted for 3.1 because API methods related to saving videos were not available on 3.0. This meant that videos taken within the app would be permanently lost in the event of a flaky/slow internet connection. This happened to us enough in testing that we felt it wasn't a risk we wanted to expose to our users. That said, Will, the maestro of our iPhone app, deftly crafted a solution for this problem. The result is what you see in the app store today! Will also says that there will be plenty of bug fixes to come in the future, as well as a huge feature push when 1.5 arrives. Please feel free to let us know in the forums how the app is working out for you! PS. I know we've had some heartache in the past, but to those of you who rated us down for not having 3.0 support the first time around... could you maybe find it in your hearts to give us another chance? We've changed, we promise! This time we'll be good!