Web makeover!


Published on December 12, 2008

Greetings Dropbox citizens! Did you open up today to find something new and shiny?  After several weeks of hard work, the web team is proud to unveil the redesigned Dropbox web interface. A few things you'll notice:

  1. Bulk operations (finally)!  Moving/deleting folders is now possible!
  2. Navigation is now on the top rather than the left.
  3. Information/actions are now displayed in small sideboxes on the right
  4. Font changes! (lucida grande on mac, lucida sans unicode for windows)
  5. Expanded footer
  6. The FAQ is gone and has been replaced by a comprehensive help center
  7. RSS feed for recent events!
  8. While 'Files' is still accessible, the default view is the home page.  To those of you worrying that the feed takes up too much space, we'll be addressing this in the near future.
  9. 'Upload' has also been integrated into the filebrowser
  10. More information for file revisions
  11. Much more!

More changes are on their way too, so sit tight. So, how does it look?  What do you like?  What don't you like?  Let us know!