Your photos, simplified (Part II)


Published on April 26, 2012

Remember back in February, we announced a whole set of features to make it easy to bring all your photos and videos together in one place? Well since then, lots of folks have been using our Android app to automatically upload mobile pictures of their vacation and videos of their dog — we’ve even heard tales of Dropbox saving the day when phones completely died! Today we’re ready to tell the second part in our photos story: now with Dropbox you can automatically upload from just about any camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone — pretty much anything that takes photos or videos! Plus, you can view your uploaded pictures on the web from our spiffy new Photos page! Getting pictures off your camera has always been a huge pain. So we put our heads down and worked worked worked to ensure that automatic upload would play nicely with anything that might have a photo or video on it. With the newest version for Mac or Windows, you can just plug your camera, phone, or SD card into your computer and with a few clicks of the mouse all your photos and videos are in your Dropbox! Automatic uploading from the desktop is designed to work perfectly with the Dropbox Android app. Your photos are copied from your camera to your Dropbox and uploaded, in full-quality and at their original size, to your private Camera Uploads folder. As your photos upload, you can access them from anywhere and move and share them as you see fit. On the web, we’ve made the pictures you’ve uploaded shine on our new Photos page, with nice large thumbnails, grouped by month. You can hover over each to find the date, or click to see them full-size and then download or share them with a link.


You’re probably thinking “But my photos are large, won’t automatic uploading eat up all my Dropbox space?” We’ve got you covered. Don’t forget, we’ll give you 500 MB of Dropbox space for your first automatic upload. As you take and upload more photos and videos, you can earn up to 3 GB extra, for free. So go ahead, download the new version (codename: Phoenix Down) and save all your memories in your Dropbox! (And stay tuned for Part III...)