A link to the past


Published on March 28, 2013

So your pals back at Kokiri Forest have been sending you a ton of Dropbox links to their photos and folders. But you've been trekking across the plains of Hyrule, braving water temples, and you know, vanquishing evil. It's awesome getting all these links, but who has the time to keep track of them all? Well, have we got a big chest for you: starting today, you can see all the shared links you've recently visited in a brand new 'From others' tab! Ba-dah-dahn-dahhh!
Everything you've visited in your Dropbox link journey will be collected in one place. And in case you want a particular link out of sight and mind, you can always 'x' it out. Or if you prefer not to revisit the past at all, you can also turn the entire thing off from the account settings page. Happy adventuring!