Dropbox for iOS accessibility


Making Dropbox for iOS more accessible


Published on November 17, 2014

We’ve been focused since day one on building products that are simple and convenient to use. As part of that mission, we’re working hard to improve the Dropbox experience for those of you who rely on accessibility technologies. Whether you’re using Dropbox to backup your photos or fixing up a spreadsheet for work, we’ve made significant new accessibility improvements to our iOS app to make sure it’s simple and easy to get stuff done. We started by re-evaluating our app from top to bottom — assessing ease of use for everything from logging in to Dropbox, to navigating actions within the app. Then we paired our research with feedback from the AppleVis community to make even more improvements. All of these updates have helped us successfully earn the “fully accessible with VoiceOver” and “easy to navigate and use” rating from AppleVis. Here’s what’s new:

  • Our welcome tutorial now more clearly identifies its contents to help you sign-in. VoiceOver will announce the sign-in button, and when activated, display the sign-in screen.
  • Our thumbnails on the Photos tab are more descriptive than before and now properly announce the title of the photo.
  • We’ve made it possible for you to easily enable or disable your passcode lock, and the passcode field and digits can be selected more easily when entering your passcode.
  • We added a new button to close out of the “More Actions” menu using VoiceOver, so you can get back to what you were doing in Dropbox right away.

This is just the start for us — we’re looking forward to working closely with the accessibility community and enhancing the usability of our products for everyone. As part of that effort, we’re also looking for users to provide feedback on our VoiceOver support as we continue improving our app. If you’re interested in trying out our pre-releases, please reach out to us here. As always, we welcome feedback from all our users — download the latest version of our iOS app from the App Store and let us know what you think!