Dropbox + Blackberry =


Published on September 22, 2010

Good news, thumb warriors! Blackberry is now joining the company of iPhone, iPad, and Android in Dropbox's family of mobile apps, continuing our magical quest to allow access to all your files from anywhere. Here are a few things you can do using Dropbox's official mobile apps:
  • Browse the files in your Dropbox folder easily.
  • Open images and other media directly through the app.
  • Upload photos to all of your computers at once.
  • Share links to your files over email.
  • Search through your Dropbox instantly.
  • Export files to other apps.
To download and install the Dropbox Blackberry app, point your smartphone's browser to If the Dropbox app still isn't enough to quell your Dropbox cravings, check out our new App Directory! The App Directory is a showcase for our newest and hottest partner apps -- these apps tie into Dropbox, adding more functionality and features to Dropbox than we can do on our own. There's document editors, password managers, and even clients for WebOS and Windows Mobile. But we're not finished! You can expect more mobile goodness in the near future, so sit tight! :-) P.S. We also recently updated all our other apps too! Our iPhone/iPad app got a new home screen, HD support, caching and more! Our Android app now has enhanced photo galleries, multi-upload photo, and it looks snazzier too! P.P.S. If that's still not enough, then point your phone's browser to, Dropbox's mobile website, where you can do many of the things we've already said.