Announcing Dropbox Extensions with strategic and category-leading partners


Published on November 06, 2018

Today’s announcement is a big step in the evolution of our global collaboration platform and partner ecosystem with powerful new capabilities called Dropbox Extensions. Users will be able to initiate workflows directly within Dropbox across popular content types (including DWG, PDF, Word, image, and multimedia files) and compatible partner applications from Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, as well as other category-leading tools. With these integrations, users will be able to launch actions such as file editing, send for eSignature, video annotation, and send electronic fax.

With hundreds of billions of Word, PDF, multimedia, and DWG files on our platform, we’ve built Dropbox Extensions to help our users streamline processes that typically involve multiple tools and content silos. This will give customers more freedom to use their preferred tools directly with Dropbox, helping them move projects forward faster and keep collaborative teams in flow.

These integrations bring real-time collaboration to life for our 500+ million registered users and 300,000 business teams. Complementing native capabilities such as comments, annotations, and focused previews, Dropbox Extensions will provide customers with category-specific workflow enhancements. From within Dropbox, users will be able to:

Send for eSignature: with Adobe SignDocuSign, and HelloSign, share a PDF or Word document with external collaborators, obtain eSignatures, automatically save back the final signed copy to Dropbox, and receive notification when the entire signature process is complete.

Edit PDFs: with NitroairSlate, and Smallpdf, combine, convert, organize, fill forms, edit, annotate, and more, while automatically saving the changes back to Dropbox. Dropbox and Adobe will also collaborate on a future Dropbox Extension for users to edit PDFs with Adobe Acrobat DC.

View and Edit DWGs: with Autodesk, view and edit DWG files and drawings through the AutoCAD web app without installing any software or downloading any files.

Annotate Videos: with Vimeo, invite clients and collaborators to review and annotate video projects across popular multimedia files like MPG, MP4, and WMV, including features such as time-coded feedback.

Edit Images: with Pixlr, achieve professional-level photo editing with a robust set of tools that crop, rotate, resize, filter, add effects, and add images or text to photos.

Send Electronic Fax: with HelloFax, send an electronic fax from any Word or PDF file and receive a confirmation receipt in your Dropbox when the process is complete.

We’re excited about giving our customers these expanded choices, and so are our partners:

  • “Adobe and Dropbox share a vision to simplify how work gets done, and we are excited to expand our longstanding partnership that enables joint users to leverage the full power of Adobe Acrobat DC to work with PDFs in Dropbox,” said Ashley Still, VP and GM of Digital Media, Adobe. “Dropbox is already home to billions of PDFs and Word documents. We’re thrilled that people can now use Adobe Sign to quickly and easily send those files for signature directly from Dropbox.”
  • “By integrating more closely with Dropbox we’re giving users and teams even more power to create, design and make amazing things,” said Rob Maguire, vice president, AutoCAD Family Products, Autodesk. “We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience to creative professionals, architects and engineers through this integration.”
  • "DocuSign's vision for its System of Agreement Platform aligns well with Dropbox Extensions. The integration announced today combines our category-leading eSignature technology with the power of Dropbox, its collaboration capabilities, and platform—all of which simplify the management of the entire agreement lifecycle,” said Mark Register, SVP business development and channels at DocuSign.
  • “Whether we’re building tools in-house or partnering with industry leaders, Vimeo is focused on streamlining the process of making and sharing videos,” said Mark Kornfilt, CTO, Vimeo. “By partnering with Dropbox and deeply integrating our technologies, we’re adding powerful video collaboration and distribution tools for teams and their cloud content.”
  • "We are so excited about teaming up with Dropbox as a launch partner for this DBX Platform milestone,” said Gal Steinberg, VP Channels and Business Development at airSlate. “airSlate helps expand seamless online PDF editing to Dropbox users. Now you have endless document workflow capabilities within Dropbox including editing, annotations, conversions, signature and much more."
  • "At HelloSign we’re on a mission to simplify the way you work by automating your most critical business workflows," said Joseph Walla, CEO and Co-founder of HelloSign. “We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with Dropbox to provide eSignature and electronic fax solutions to their users. It makes perfect sense—so many people are using Dropbox to get work done and we’re providing them with super useful functionality right where they need it most.”
  • “Nitro is thrilled to partner with a technology leader in Dropbox, who shares in our mission to help users unleash productivity," said Sam Chandler, Nitro founder and CEO. "Today's announcement is a big step toward helping teams of all sizes collaborate more efficiently, as they continue efforts to streamline document workflows, reduce printing, and stay aligned across their most important content.”
  • “Over the years, our users have relied on Pixlr to help them transform their photos and images to make every moment beautiful,” said Ola Sevandersson, CEO and founder. “And today, we’re excited to partner with Dropbox to extend Pixlr X’s powerful image editing capabilities to their vast network of content creators, creative individuals and professionals at zero cost.”
  • “Smallpdf’s mission is building software that is simple, easy to use and accessible to anyone in the world,” said Manuel Stofer, CEO. “Dropbox is the perfect partner that embodies these same values and we’re excited to bring our suite of PDF tools to their users.”

The first set of new integrations is expected to generally available on November 27, 2018. Stay tuned for more news on Dropbox Extensions as we expand our open ecosystem by integrating more workflows, applications, and capabilities to allow users to collaborate more freely.