Dropbox Pro is now Dropbox Plus


Published on March 02, 2017

We designed Dropbox Pro to give you more of the Dropbox you love. With 1 TB of storage, Pro lets you access and share all of your important files, big and small. Today, we’re giving Pro a new name to better reflect all the extra space it offers: Dropbox Plus. Don’t worry—the name is the only change we’re making. You’ll still get the same space and advanced features at the same price. Dropbox Plus opens up whole worlds of possibilities. You can store your entire photo library, and automatically back up new pics using our camera uploads feature. Or keep a library of large files for work reference—right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Or set up a file request for a big project without worrying about overloading your Dropbox. Whatever kinds of projects you’re working on, Dropbox Plus helps you get more of the Dropbox you love. To learn more, visit the Dropbox Plus page.