iOS 8 compatibility issue with camera upload


Published on September 16, 2014

UPDATE: Thursday, Sept. 18, 11:20 AM PT We’ve updated the Dropbox and Carousel apps to prevent ‘duplicate’ photo uploads, and resolved most app crash issues users were experiencing on iOS 8. Please install now:

If you continue to experience issues after installing this update, please leave us a comment below, contact us on Twitter @dropbox_support, or submit a ticket at Thanks for your patience and understanding.  

  UPDATE: Wednesday, Sept. 17, 9:30 PM PT Some iOS 8 users who have downloaded the latest versions of Dropbox and Carousel might be experiencing ‘duplicate’ uploads of their photos. These ‘duplicates’ are backed up versions of thumbnails generated by Apple’s iCloud My Photo Stream and are being recognized as unique images by Dropbox. For now, you can stop the 'duplicate' backups in one of two ways:

  • Disable Dropbox and Carousel photo backup.
  • Disable Apple’s iCloud My Photo Stream.

We’re also investigating reports that a small number of iOS 8 users are experiencing crashes at launch. We are working on a full fix for both issues and we’ll update you here when it’s available. Thanks for your continued patience.  

  UPDATE: Wednesday, Sept. 17,  11:00 AM PT We’ve resolved the iOS 8 compatibility issue that prevents Dropbox and Carousel from properly backing up your photos and videos. You’ll need to download the latest version of our apps to get the fix. This will ensure automatic backups of photos and videos work on iOS 8.

Thanks again for your patience.  

  Original Post We’ve discovered that Apple's new iOS 8 introduces a compatibility issue that may prevent Dropbox and Carousel from properly uploading your photos and videos. This means that only the contents of your “Recently Added” album will upload automatically. If you upgrade to iOS 8, don’t delete photos or videos from your devices until you’re sure that your stuff has backed up to Dropbox. Please visit our Help Center for additional details on how to keep your stuff safe. To avoid any confusion over what’s been backed up, we’ve pushed a Dropbox and Carousel update that temporarily suspends automatic backup of photos and videos. We're in touch with Apple and are working together on a solution. We'll keep you updated here and on Twitter (@dropbox_support) as soon as a full fix is ready. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.