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Coming to iOS 11: Dropbox support in the new Files app


Published on June 05, 2017

Today at WWDC, we’re excited to announce the next step in our collaboration with Apple with the integration of Dropbox into the Files app for iOS 11. iOS users have been requesting better file management on iPhone and iPad for a long time. The new Files app, coming later this year, does just that, letting you more easily manage and access files in your Dropbox throughout iOS 11. Much like macOS Finder, Files will give you an easy way to browse, open, edit, move, rename, upload, create folders and download files stored in Dropbox with your iOS device. More than that, though, it will extend file capabilities system-wide. You’ll be able to access files in your Dropbox account from third-party apps just as if they were stored on your iPhone or iPad. This integration will even work with Dropbox-specific features for teams, like commenting and viewer info, letting you collaborate on files from any app that supports file browsing. Dropbox and Apple share a commitment to simplicity, attention to detail, and focus on the user. This integration will help us create a more seamless, elegant Dropbox experience. We’re excited to have the latest, deeply-integrated Dropbox functionality in iOS 11 join our other powerful integrations with tools from Adobe, Facebook, and Microsoft. Be sure to check back here for more info on Files support when iOS 11 launches later this year.