Coming soon to your Dropbox: Document previews and easier sharing


Published on January 30, 2013

You know what’s lame? Waiting. Traffic makes us wonder why we didn’t just walk, and waiting in lines is only slightly more fun than watching grass grow. Slightly. We know you agree. You’ve got places to go and people to see. But most importantly, you’ve got gumption — you’re the kind of person that takes initiative and uses Dropbox to organize, share, and bring all your stuff anywhere. Nice. That’s why we want to let you cut in line and try out two unreleased goods on Dropbox that’ll help you do even more with all that stuff. Previews on the web Have you ever been away from your computer and needed to check out a specific doc in your Dropbox? Instead of having to wait and download the whole thing, you’ll soon be able to grab a preview straight from your browser. This’ll work for your docs, code snippets, and presentations. Sign up for early access to file previews.

Easier sharing for photos and videos Until now, you could only share one photo at a time, or you had to create a shared folder and copy pictures into it. Soon you’ll be able to quickly choose collections of pictures to share with friends and family. This makes it easy to create albums for your favorite events, or categorize your collection of kitten photos. Sign up for early access to albums.  

Easy sharing for photos and videos
Easy sharing for photos and videos
See? Good things aren’t only for people who wait. Now that you’ve signed up for both of these features, you can gloat to your friends that you’re ahead of the curve — a trendsetter, even. Sure, you might only have a few weeks of that satisfaction, but it sure beats waiting...