rename files and folders with our latest ios app


Rename files and folders with our latest iOS app


Published on December 01, 2014

We’ve updated our iOS app with a few new features to help you get more done on the go! Here’s what’s new:
  • We’ve added an easy-access more actions button next to the sharing icon in the upper right-hand corner that leads to a set of file options so you can quickly do things like rename or move a file.
  • To rename files straight from Dropbox, simply choose Rename from the more actions button as you’re previewing. Rename folders by swiping to the right from the file list view and tapping the rename icon.
  • Our new toolbar disappears (and reappears) as you need it, leaving valuable screen space for a full view into your photos or important files. Simply tap once anywhere within your photo or file to toggle between the toolbar and full screen. When viewing Microsoft Office files, you’ll see an edit icon in the toolbar to open and edit your docs right from the Office apps.
This update (version 3.6) will be available on the App Store later today.