New web goodies


Published on November 12, 2009

Hey everyone! The web team rolled out a few sweet changes yesterday that I'd like to share with you: First, we greatly improved our web uploader. We'll be the first to admit that it was a little janky in the past, but I'm pretty sure that you'll now find that it's a lot easier to use and understand. In addition to a few design tweaks, this new uploader also provides a bit more insight into transfers. Second, we added a calendar feature to the recent events feed so it's easy for you to hop around to a specific date rather than needing to spam-click 'Next' over and over again to get to the date you're looking for (Speaking of which, you can also now set a dd/mm/yy date format if you'd like via the account page). More importantly, we added the ability to view entire changes on your feed. You no longer have to scratch your head when you see "... and 8300 other files"!

Lastly, the biggest announcement this week is the launch of our new feature request center, Votebox. While it's true that the team reads every single forum post and email for feature requests, we often found it hard to keep all this input organized. That's why we launched Votebox, which is a way for you to be involved in Dropbox's development. Using Votebox is easy. All you need is a Dropbox account. You can vote for ideas that get posted on Votebox, or post your own ideas and allow people to vote on those. Go ahead, give Votebox a try.