The Dropbox Android App!


Published on March 22, 2010

In Dropbox's two year history, we've had some ardent fans salivating over the next killer Dropbox feature. We love these people! Our first huge feature following (and birthplace of our Dropbox poetry tradition) was our Linux version, which was soon followed by the highly anticipated iPhone app. However, we'd like to think that the fervor behind a certain upcoming feature speaks for itself: "Android app, please, please, please!! Yes, Yes!" "Android! Android! Android! Android! :D" "Yes Android please! I need this app, like a grindylow needs water." "and i need this app like desert needs the rain." "DO WANT! ANDROID DROPBOX ... YES YES YES1!!!" "Desperatly want to complete my assimilation by the droid." "I WILL SELL MY BABY DAUGHTER FOR ANDROIDBOX" You get the point. So without further ado, I'm proud to share some info and a few screenshots of the Dropbox Android app that we've been working on. Access your Dropbox on the go - All the contents of your Dropbox are available for viewing. You can even stream music and movies in your Dropbox straight to your Android device. Make edits to your files and sync them back to Dropbox - Any changes you make to your files will sync back up to your Dropbox. Download files for offline viewing – Add files to ‘Favorites’ and they’ll be accessible at any time. Upload files and sync them to your Dropbox – Take a photo, shoot a video, or upload some audio from your Android phone and email its public link to a friend in less than a minute. Share links to files in your Dropbox – Yes! Any file in your Dropbox! And now for some eye candy (these were taken on a Motorola Droid):  
    Once you log in, you'll see all the files in your Dropbox...    
    Hold down on any file or folder for a few seconds, and you'll get a nice context menu:    
    Press the menu button to bring up the    
    But wait, there's more! Look what happens when you press 'Upload'!    
    Hmm, but what if I want to take a photo/video from my gallery and add it to Dropbox?    
  Yup, this app will be available for all flavors of Android within the next couple months. So sit tight (and don't sell your baby daughters), your zeal will be fed soon enough :) Do us a favor and help spread the word! Digg us up! //