Screenshot of template selection box in Dropbox Paper


Save time and effort by creating your own Dropbox Paper templates


Published on April 26, 2018

Team meeting notes, creative briefs, project plans: You’re probably using the same types of docs over and over again. But pulling one together—tracking down the last doc, copying and pasting into a new one, stripping out the old project’s info—is an annoying, repetitive chore.

So today, we’re making your work easier by introducing one of the most requested Dropbox Paper features: the ability to turn any doc into a shareable template. Creating a template is simple: Open any doc, and you can “templatize” it with just a couple clicks.

Want to create one from a blank doc? Just click Create with templates on Paper Home.

Once you’ve created your template, make any adjustments, and they’ll be automatically saved. You can even add placeholder text to help people better understand what information they need to fill in. From there, share the template with your team, and they can use it to create new docs. And if you want to collaborate on the templates themselves, you can give team members edit access.

Screenshot of three-dot menu in Dropbox Paper, with the Templatize item shown
Screenshot of three-dot menu in Dropbox Paper, with the Templatize item shown

Paper templates help you get projects moving, so team members can focus on doing their best work. With them, you can:

  • Start docs quickly. Kick off projects without having to set up and format docs from scratch. You can even create new docs from templates on the go with the Paper mobile app.
  • Standardize forms. Make sure teams have all the info they need from the get-go by creating templates for commonly used docs like briefs and project timelines.
  • Streamline processes. Save everyone time by building a library of shared templates that anyone can use to start new docs or create their own customized templates.

Get started with templates by creating your first one today at There—and in the Paper mobile app—you’ll also find pre-built templates that you can use to start new docs.

To learn more about Dropbox Paper templates, visit our help center.