Dropbox + Softbank + Sony Ericsson =


Published on May 31, 2011

Hi everyone! Two months ago, we kicked off our internationalization effort by launching Dropbox in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. The launch is off to an incredible start, and we're happy to welcome our new users from all around the world. But we're not quite finished yet. All you international users will now have one more thing to cheer about-- we're excited to announce our very first partnership, with Sony Ericsson and Softbank! Beginning today, Sony Ericsson will sell Dropbox-powered Android phones in ten countries including the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, and Italy. These phones include the shiny new Arc and Play. (Sorry Verizoners, we're working on it!) Also, starting in early June, Dropbox will come pre-installed on several Android phones for Softbank customers in Japan, including a brand new 3D phone from Sharp. But Softbank users get a special bonus-- you'll be getting an extra 1GB in addition to the 2GB you normally get from a free account! With these partnerships, we hope to continue the awesome momentum of our internationalization effort by putting Dropbox in the hands of people around the globe. We hope to offer you more juicy mobile news in the future too! Until then, how's your Dropbox mobile app been treating you these days?