How we’re better supporting our channel partners around the world


Published on October 12, 2021

Dropbox channel partners have always played a crucial role in our company’s success. They’ve helped sell, manage, and integrate Dropbox and HelloSign products for millions of customers across the globe. And in 2015, we launched the Dropbox Partner Network, which provides trainings, tools, and technical resources, to help them successfully represent our products.

Since then, our network of partners has grown tremendously and they’re busier than ever. To address their growing needs, we’re launching a new partner Market Development Fund (MDF) program, which will help them more consistently engage with Dropbox and HelloSign.

“Over a year ago, we started looking at how we can make it easier for our partners to generate demand for Dropbox and HelloSign,” says Chris Snyder, global channel marketing manager. “We ended up rebuilding our MDF program from the ground up, focusing on the partner experience—making it more intuitive, reducing the amount of time it takes to participate, and providing a new level of support throughout the entire process.”

The program will provide partners with funds that they can use for advertising, events, content production, and other efforts that help increase awareness, revenue growth, and competitive advantage for our products.

Some new features include:

  • Partner Portal integration: The new MDF platform will be accessible to partners through our gated Partner Portal using single sign on, eliminating the need to login to multiple platforms. They’ll also be able to manage all activities right in the portal.
  • Automated processes: We’re simplifying the claims process by automating approvals and payments, making it easier than ever for partners to participate.
  • Improved design: We’ve also designed a more intuitive user interface that will reduce steps and improve the overall experience.

The MDF program will be available October 18, and we’ll continue to find new ways to better support our valued partners.