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The adidas Group uses Dropbox Enterprise to enhance productivity


Published on August 08, 2016

The adidas Group is one of the world’s premier sports brands, employing more than 55,000 people across the globe. As a leader in the sporting goods industry with teams working together all around the world, the adidas Group needs a powerful collaboration platform to get things done effectively, and securely.

So we’re excited to announce that the adidas Group has successfully implemented Dropbox Enterprise to make it easier for their employees to work together. Thanks to best-in-class sync from Dropbox, employees will have fast, reliable access to their data. That means seamless collaboration with colleagues around the world, across all devices.

“At the adidas Group, we want to provide our employees with the best tools they need to get their work done”, said Sören Schmidt, Director Collaboration & Mobile at the adidas Group. “When selecting a technical solution that is meant to change the way people collaborate, usability and simplicity were among our most important criteria. The strong adoption of Dropbox Enterprise among employees shows us that we made the right choice.”

It’s a choice that more and more companies are making. With Dropbox Enterprise, the adidas Group and others are getting the collaboration platform that employees already know and love coupled with robust admin capabilities that give IT the security tools they need. Dropbox Enterprise offers IT admins advanced controls and full visibility over how data is accessed and shared, with enterprise-grade security features that keep their data secure.

With Dropbox Enterprise, employees at the adidas Group can access their most important information from anywhere, and seamlessly share and create with different teams. We’re excited to see what the adidas Group, backed by the power of our enterprise-wide collaboration platform, brings to the playing field next.

To learn more about how you can enhance productivity in your organization, visit the Dropbox Enterprise website.