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Spotify: Keeping a global team in unison with Dropbox for Business


Published on May 14, 2014


Spotify — the music streaming service that has taken the world by storm — gives users millions of songs at their fingertips, so they can listen to their favorite music anytime, anywhere. Now, the Spotify team has found that same freedom for their files, by using Dropbox for Business.

We're happy to announce that Spotify has migrated to Dropbox for Business, so Spotify employees can access all their files whenever and wherever they need. And with Spotify’s team distributed across more than 30 global offices, using Dropbox for Business means employees can collaborate faster and more effectively. Instead of dealing with FTP servers, email attachment limitations, and complex systems, the team can now easily work together through shared folders and files that sync instantly.

Plus, with the company growing quickly — Spotify now has more than 24 million active users, and adds more than 20,000 songs per day — the team needed a secure and easy solution that would scale alongside that growth.

“Dropbox’s simplicity and reliable performance made it a natural choice for Spotify,” said Benjamin Hasselgren, IT procurement manager at Spotify.

One of the real game-changers for Spotify was the recent launch of two Dropboxes, which allows users to connect a personal Dropbox to their Dropbox for Business on all devices. Each Dropbox is properly labeled for personal or work and has its own password, contacts, settings, and files. And with Dropbox for Business, IT can make use of key admin controls to manage the company's data — like remote wiping a business account if an employee loses a device, or transferring the account to another employee if one leaves the team.

“Dropbox for Business gives our employees a clear separation of work and personal data, and our IT team can deploy the appropriate safeguards to ensure our company data is kept safe,” Hasselgren said.

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