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Unleashing creative energy at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival


Published on January 16, 2018

The Sundance Film Festival is home to some of the most creative projects in the world—independent films that disrupt, provoke, and inspire.

But going from an initial idea to a finished film is an enormous undertaking. Diverse teams must come together, keeping their focus in the face of creative challenges, tight budgets, and strict deadlines.

That’s why Dropbox is determined to keep the creative energy flowing, so teams like these can keep making their best films. And with 62% of this year’s festival films using Dropbox, we’re proud to be a sponsor in 2018.

As in years past, we’ve also been privileged to help Sundance Institute in its selection process. Sundance Institute reviews more than 12,000 film submissions, eventually selecting just 200 films from among the many worthy contenders. The team uses Dropbox to collect the films, distribute the right files to the right reviewers, and keep all the notes and feedback in sync.

Whether it’s Sundance Institute reviewing submissions or the filmmakers collaborating on independent movies, we’re here to help teams stay in their creative flow, so the work feels less like work. That means helping teams share giant video files with a simple link, or letting crew members keep everything up to date in a single shared folder. It’s tools like these that give teams more time to do their best, most creative work, rather than having to deal with the logistical problems that can drag things down.

This year, we’ll also be partnering with Slate and IndieWire to help explore the stories behind the filmmakers. What inspires the teams at the Sundance Film Festival? How do they find their flow? Where do they get their creative energy? Join us as we celebrate independent filmmaking at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

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