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Bringing e-commerce to life: How De Nieuwe Zaak uses Dropbox for Business


Published on January 06, 2015

As a one-stop shop for e-commerce, Netherlands-based De Nieuwe Zaak provides customized solutions for the entire e-commerce process—from initial strategy and web shop design all the way to conversation rate analysis and marketing campaigns. With a large and diverse team of IT and web marketing specialists, De Nieuwe Zaak relies on close and efficient teamwork to help their clients be successful.

Each client team has as many as 35 people working on it across several different departments, so internal collaboration is critical. “Our mission—to create more web business for our clients—requires close and collaborative partnerships,” explained Jeroen de Jong, Director and Co-owner of De Nieuwe Zaak. “We need to listen carefully to their unique needs and work together to customize a web shop that continually attracts their target audience and grows their business.” Of course, collaborating so closely can present a number of logistical challenges.

To keep team members connected, De Nieuwe Zaak initially relied on an internal server for file sharing. But the team soon found that the drawbacks of a server outweighed the benefits. As de Jong membered, “Version control was a big issue. We had to check via email or phone to make sure we were working with the latest version of a document.” The suggestion to try Dropbox for Business actually came from a client—and it didn't take long for De Nieuwe Zaak to realize that switching to Dropbox for Business was a smart decision.

“Dropbox for Business gives us newfound mobility to work more efficiently and create more flexible workflows that boost productivity." - Jeroen de Jong, Director & co-owner of De Nieuwe Zaak

“With Dropbox for Business, we found an affordable solution that instantly solved our version control and security issues," de Jong explained. "Setup didn’t require IT expertise, and collaborating is now a simple process. Dropbox for Business is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to understand.” Now the De Nieuwe Zaak team has Dropbox on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones—which gives them access to the latest files, anytime and anywhere—so the team can stay in sync and work together more seamlessly than ever. “Dropbox for Business gives us newfound mobility to work more efficiently and create more flexible workflows that boost productivity,” said de Jong.

For De Nieuwe Zaak, it's all about client success—and Dropbox for Business has facilitated stronger client relationships across all areas of the business. Web shop designers can easily share drafts of their creations with clients to capture client feedback, marketing team members can work more closely with clients to design campaigns and meet e-commerce goals, and optimization specialists can quickly share documents that give clients timely insight into their web shops and performance.

“With Dropbox for Business, our team members can collaborate more easily with each other and clients. That helps us provide a better experience for clients that keeps them happy and helps make sure they stay customers. That’s even more important to us than getting new customers.”

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