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A sound decision: Why Libratone launched its startup with Dropbox for Business


Published on November 19, 2014

Libratone, an audio company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is on a mission to blend high-quality acoustic performance with the best of Scandinavian design. The company, which designs and produces innovative wireless speakers, focuses on "reinventing speakers for the 21st century" — so it needed its technology infrastructure to be just as modern.

A cloud-based file sync and share service seemed like the perfect solution for the young startup — it requires little upfront investment or ongoing IT support, and it scales with the business as it grows. So the Libratone founders started exploring different cloud-based services, and soon discovered that Dropbox for Business fit all of their requirements.

“Dropbox was chosen from day one to be the backbone of our infrastructure,” co-founder and CEO Tommy Andersen remembered. “It was — and still is — a leader in the cloud space, so that made it an obvious choice. It allowed us to minimize internal service and optimize support for our users, and the pay-as-you grow pricing was ideal for a startup.”

Dropbox very quickly became a natural part of the team's workflows, helping them focus on critical priorities and keeping operations running smoothly. “It’s been eye-opening to see how seamless it is for new people to use the service even if they haven’t tried it before,” recalled Andersen.

Today, Dropbox for Business is a collaboration staple across the entire business. The research and development team uses Dropbox as a workspace for product details like acoustics and cell phone mechanics. The patents team relies on Dropbox to share information with external legal partners. And manufacturers use Dropbox to exchange product specifications and track data from actual production equipment.

"Dropbox for Business offers an easy way to share information and ensure productivity. It has become such an integral part of how we interact with our data, we forget it’s even there." - Tommy Andersen, co-founder & CEO | Libratone

“Really, everything is placed in Dropbox — from very small to very data-intense files,” Andersen said. “Dropbox for Business offers an easy way to share information and ensure productivity. It has become such an integral part of how we interact with our data, we forget it’s even there.” Now Libratone’s global employee base can securely store and access content, whether they're on the road or in the home office.

The research and development team in Copenhagen can work seamlessly with the production teams in Asia, for example, despite the significant time difference. As Andersen explained, “Dropbox for Business keeps our staff connected and allows us to more easily deal with partners outside of the company.”

Dropbox for Business is also a key part of Libratone’s sales operations. As two of the company’s most mobile teams, the sales and marketing departments depend on Dropbox for Business during on-site meetings with importers, distributors, and retailers. “Our sales executives need to be able to access data, off-premises, from their iPhones or iPads,” Andersen added. “Dropbox for Business enables them to do that.”

As Libratone continues to grow its company and its product line, Andersen is confident that one thing will the stay the same — Dropbox for Business will continue to be at the heart of its operation. “One of the greatest things about our use of Dropbox for Business is that, as we’ve grown, it has grown alongside us,” said Andersen. “The needs we’ve encountered over time have all been supported. Dropbox continues to evolve and the services it provides will surely continue to be integral to our success.”

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