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Customer Spotlight: Fenix International


Published on October 24, 2012

We love hearing about how people use Dropbox for Teams within their organizations and look forward to sharing those stories with you. Read on to learn about Fenix International, a renewable energy company, that uses Dropbox to increase productivity and prevent data loss.

Saving Time and Data

On the first day of a two-month, multi-continent business trip, a burst of turbulence tipped a latte onto Fenix International COO Brian Warshawsky’s laptop, turning it into a soggy and expensive paperweight. For some, an accident like this would have caused hours of additional work — but not for Brian.  Upon landing, he simply pulled out his spare testing laptop, installed Dropbox, synced his files and folders, and within minutes was able to pick up exactly where he left off.

“Having my files on Dropbox that day saved me from what could’ve become a very unproductive trip. Not only would I have had to ask colleagues in different countries to email me everything again — I would have lost a significant portion of the data forever." - Brian Warshawsky, COO | Fenix International

Sharing Content Instantly

With its management team based in the US, manufacturers in China, investors in Europe, and distributors and customers in Africa, Fenix International has a worldwide footprint. Prior to switching to Dropbox for Teams, Fenix maintained a shared network drive. Employees rarely used the drive, however, and instead managed their own content locally and shared files by email.

As the sizes of their engineering drawings, data files, and presentations grew, Fenix had to look for an easier and more efficient way to share data across the globe. Today, Fenix saves its files on Dropbox for Teams and uses shared folders to instantly make data available to team members worldwide. When a Fenix technician in Uganda sets up a shared folder to capture diagnostic data in the field, engineers in the US can open that folder to access and analyze the data as soon as it is generated.

“Using Dropbox to receive data in real time from the field has allowed us to innovate much faster. There is no more back and forth over email — the data is always there when you need it.” - Paul Jehlen, engineer | Fenix International

Fenix International creates and manufactures affordable electricity generation and power storage solutions in developing countries. ReadySet, their flagship plug-and-play energy system, can power lights, radios, mobile phones, and even medical devices, and can recharge using various renewable energy sources including solar, micro-wind, micro-hydro, and bicycle. ReadySets enable communities to leapfrog the traditional electricity grid, delivering sustainable energy to deep rural areas previously ignored or underserved.

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