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Published on January 09, 2013

The new year has begun and it’s time to make good on our resolutions. This year, we are committed to helping people save time and resources at work — with Dropbox! Check out how Radiolab's use of  Dropbox for Teams allows them to spend time on what really matters: getting the message out.

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Keeping everyone on the same page

When Radiolab first began, its small staff was able to share ideas, story drafts, and pertinent files in person and on the spot.

But as the show grew in popularity and the staff grew in size, Radiolab needed to find a new way to keep everyone on the same page. “The show is deeply iterative,” says Radiolab’s Executive Producer Ellen Horne. “When we develop stories, we do draft after’s not uncommon for us to go through 40 or 50 drafts.”

When Radiolab learned about Dropbox for Teams, they knew they had found a solution that could grow with the organization. Regardless of where reporters, hosts, or producers were physically located, the Radiolab team could share files quickly and easily. “It’s been sort of surprising how much easier Dropbox has made collaboration — particularly with people who aren’t in the office with us," Horne says. “We’re finding that as a team we’re working together better with Dropbox than we’ve ever worked before.”

Sharing content effortlessly

Content distribution is another area that improved with Dropbox for Teams. Horne explains, “We have three hundred stations carrying our show and they need promos and episodes. Dropbox makes managing communication, and getting all of our stations the materials they need, effortless.”

Sharing with offsite show contributors has also become much simpler. For instance, when the team needs to pass a draft to host Robert Krulwich, who works offsite at NPR, they can simply send him a link to the recording and get his feedback right away. Dropbox for Teams eliminates the need to email a large file that is time-consuming to both upload and download.

Working on the go

Employees at Radiolab love having the ability to select and listen to favorite files via smartphone using Dropbox for Teams. “Most of us spend up to an hour on the subway every day, so being able to listen to drafts on the train through Dropbox makes the commute a productive and delightful time,” Horne says. With Dropbox for Teams, figuring out what to take for the road is now a thing of the past. “There’s no time spent gathering things and preparing,” says Horne. “No matter where I go, I have what I need.”

Radiolab and Dropbox for Business
Radiolab and Dropbox for Business

Radiolab is a podcast and public radio program that investigates the interesting ways in which the world works. Produced in New York City and broadcast each week on more than 300 US public stations, Radiolab explores monumental topics such as time, randomness, the limits of the mind, and the physics of the universe.

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