Pocket Gems and Dropbox for Business

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Dropbox for Business keeps Pocket Gems ahead of the game


Published on June 05, 2014


When Pocket Gems launched in 2009, they set out to build free mobile apps that were both fun and easy to use. Built on the tenet that the end user comes first, Pocket Gems’ games took off — they’ve had more than 150 million downloads over the past four years, and last year Pocket Gems had two of the top-grossing games in Apple’s app store.

To provide users with the the best games possible, Pocket Gems knew the team needed the right tools to work effectively. As IT Manager Mike Grover explains, “The more we empower employees, the more they can empower themselves.”

With this in mind, Grover looked for an IT solution that could support the rapidly growing organization, one that also aligned with the principle of self-empowerment that’s central to Pocket Gems’ internal values.

Since many Pocket Gems employees were already using personal Dropbox accounts to store and share files, moving the company to Dropbox for Business felt natural. “Dropbox makes sense to consumers and because it can scale; it works well for businesses too,” says Grover. “Our employees already understood how it worked, which made my job much easier.”

With Dropbox for Business, Pocket Gems employees are able to use technology they already know — without requiring any additional training from IT. Plus, the company saves money that would have been spent on costly servers and maintenance fees.

One feature that really set Dropbox apart for the Pocket Gems team was LAN sync, which significantly speeds up syncing for files on your Local Area Network. With LAN sync, teams at Pocket Gems — and the art team in particular — spend less time waiting for large files to download, and more time creating a beautiful mobile experience for their users. “Dropbox’s LAN sync enables us to conserve a lot of bandwidth,” says Grover. “And as the company continues to grow, that’s going to be increasingly helpful.”

With Dropbox for Business fitting so seamlessly into the Pocket Gems team’s workflow, it now serves as a subtle foundation to support the company’s great work. As Grover says, “It’s a testament to Dropbox for Business that it’s just there and it works and we don’t even have to think about it anymore.”

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